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Monday, June 6, 2011

My Husband, Mr. Handyman!

Our yard is really coming along! Shawn, aka Super Man, built the swingset over the weekend and finished it by about 2 on Sunday afternoon. The boys played for awhile, but it was so hot that we sent them inside for naps. Meanwhile, I've been buying garden plants (mostly vegetables) and getting them planted and mulched. The yard is really coming together!

And also over the weekend, Uncle Doug's friend Dale, who reminds me of my grandpa Pud a little, was over three times to fix the whole in our dining room ceiling. It looks so nice! And I think we will have him back later this summer to redo the entire downstairs ceilings. It's a process called "knockdown" or something like that. We need to repaint and fix this place up and he was so nice that I think we'll do it.

Anyway, Shawn and I are about to watch a meeting but just wanted to fill you in on the latest! Pics of everything soon!

P.S. The boys and I had a blast Friday night in Ankeny with Uncle Doug, Aunt Jean and Marla. We went to McDs for supper, let the kids run crazy in the playarea and then took them to the park for a showing of "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." It was a BEAUTIFUL night and all three of the kids were super well-behaved and had a great time! We're definitely going to do that again this summer!

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