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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Little Piggies Need Covered

The scene: lunchtime in our backyard. Watermelon, sandwiches, juice boxes. I'd sent the boys out barefoot. As I was carrying out the tray of food the following conversation ensued.

Bo: [Prancing around, pushing a mini wheelbarrow in the yard]. Mama! These need covered! These need covered now!

Me: What? What do you need covered?

Bo: My little piggies! My little piggies need covered!

Me: What?! What pigs?

Bo: My piggies! [Points to toes and scampers away] My piggies need sockies and shoes!

Mazy: [Raised eyebrows. Looks at me in a very big brother kind of way.]

Me: [Buirsts out laughing. Mazy bursts out laughing. Bo starts to laugh.]

Me: Bo, you crack me up. Get your little piggies over here and we'll get them covered.

We followed our delightful lunch with the inaugural launch of the Buzz Lightyear rocket sprinkler -- which is an amazing toy and one of the best sprinklers ever invented. In my opinion. The boys loved it!!! I have photos from our last three days and will share tonight. For now, back to work while the little piggies are all napping!

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