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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ahoy! Captain of the Titanic Costume

First, my apologies for the lack of posts lately. Our home computer is on the fritz and until my husband, the brain, can figure how what's wrong with it we will be without Internet access. But that's OK because the weather is beautiful and there are many things to do outside!

So, since I last posted, Mazy has lost another tooth, Bo has been kicked out of daycare again, I have finished another Mother's Day gift and cousin Cody's baby gifts, and Shawn found a great Captain of the Titanic costume for Mazy.

Today is "Literary Character Day" at the Downtown School and Mazy chose to be Edward John Smith, the Englishman who captained the mighty Titanic and who heroically went down with his crew and the "unsinkable" ship.

In typical Mazy fashion, he was TOTALLY excited about the costume which I must say looks quite fetching on him. Photos to come soon. (hopefully!) But when it came time to wear the costume to school, he suddenly went all bashful and "didn't want people to look at him." Well, needless to say, a short boy wearing a naval commander's suit and hat attracts some attention in downtown Des Moines. Every adult we passed on the walk to school commented on it. And Mazy hid behind me and refused to look up. His principal even stopped in the middle of a conversation to walk over and salute him!

I had to drag him into his classroom where students were all abuzz over the costume day. I saw Super Man, Batman, Pinkalicious, a mermaid, Jack from the Magic Treehouse series, Arthur the Aardvark, about a dozen princesses... (so UNoriginal girls...), Laura Ingalls Wilder, Mickey Mouse, a baseball player, Harry Potter, a large dog, and many, many more.

Mazy started to get into it as I was leaving and I predict his school was very loud and entertaining today for all!

In other news, the countdown is on! Saturday is the opening day of the Downtown Farmers Market, and Sunday is Mother's Day AND the day mom and I leave for Minneapolis! Whoohoo! I'll be "working" by attending a content strategy conference. I'm very excited for this conference and can't wait to meet other word nerds like myself who contemplate keywords and search engine optimization and ways to engage people like you through social media. It's truly going to be fun! And while I work, Mom will be shopping at Nicollett Mall or reading or hanging out in a nice hotel room.

Have a great Wednesday!

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