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Monday, April 18, 2011

Waiting for the Plumber

Let's get the bad news out of the way. After the boys' bath last night, we noticed that the water was not draining out of the tub. Bummer. But nothing new in this house. We have probably kept Draino in business the last few years. (Yes, it is likely due to someone's blond hair stuck in the pipes...) We didn't think much of it until an hour later when Mazy said, "Wow, what's all this water?"

I admit, I at first ignored it -- thinking he or Bo had spilled a water bottle.(I was right in the middle of a magazine article on Easter crafts! That's not a very good defense, is it?) A few minutes later, Mazy said, "Mama, there's a lot of water on the floor." So I turned around, just as Shawn looked up from his chair at the dining room table, and simultaneously we both saw water dripping from the ceiling... Not again!

I jumped out of that chair like it was on fire and raced upstairs with Shawn on my heels. Regular readers will know that we have experienced this problem a couple of times already... In the past it has been because of the toilet overflowing and water seeping down through the ceiling. Well, last night, the toilet was just fine. The water was coming from the bathtub that wasn't draining...

To quote Mazy, "Oh crap."

I rushed back downstairs to get the water off the hardwood floors, while Shawn heroically plunged away, trying to unclog the drain. He eventually bailed the water out into the sink with a stock pot and it stopped leaking.

I took a personal day at work today and I'm awaiting the arrival of a plumber. And I am nervous and afraid of what he will discover and what it will cost.... Ugh. Home improvement bills are as bad as mechanic bills.

Fortunately, this extra time at home today has been productive. I cleaned up the bathroom for the plumber. I've also put away two loads of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, ran a bunch of stuff to the basement and picked up the downstairs.

And before I continue my cleaning spree, here's a recap of the weekend:

Sunday morning muffin making with Bo -- strawberry/blueberry muffins. He handles the knife very well, especially for a 2-year-old. 

 Sunday morning rock collecting to anchor our Easter egg tree in its vase.

Decorating the Easter egg tree with the egg/bunny/chick ornaments.

Admiring our beautiful Easter egg tree, which is a branch from a large bush in the front of our house. The leaves sprouted in just a few hours of putting it in the water! It's very pretty on our dining room table. 

 Girl's auction item for Mazy's upcoming school fundraiser: Bedside book organizer with matching eyeglass case, diary, booklight, water bottle, two pens and a paperback book.

Boy's version of the auction basket. I don't know why this photo flipped. 

Other noteworthy weekend accomplishments:
  • We totally reorganized the boys' bedroom on Saturday!!! Finally! The crib is in the garage. The bunkbed is now two single twin beds and dinosaurs are everywhere! It's still a work in progress but the boys are very excited about the changes. We still need a dresser for Bo...
  • We took a family outing to Menard's Sunday morning to buy our new swingset, which was on sale through Sunday for about $250. We have 30 days to go pick it up. Hopefully the weekend after Easter we can do that. 
  • I finished another Mother's Day present and bought some awesome clearance fabrics at Hancocks to make more! I can't wait to show you the $4/yd fabric I found for the boys' new bedroom curtains!!!
And that's what happened at our house. Back to cleaning. I'll let you know how the plumbing problems turn out...

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