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Monday, April 4, 2011

"HeeeHawww" Cowboy Clothes from ThredUp

It's here! It's here! The first box of clothing I ordered from the online kids' clothing swap site, ThredUp, arrived today and boy, oh boy, the new clothes for Bo are so cute!!

I ordered it from a mama in Oklahoma, and I chose her box because there were FIVE pairs of jeans included, plus, a real Western Wrangler shirt with pearl snap buttons!! I just couldn't get the image of a cowboy Bo out of my head. The box also had a camouflage vest he can wear to the farm, and two John Deere t-shirts. The cost: $5, plus $10 for shipping. But still, $15 for FIVE pairs of jeans! That's awesome!!! If you have children, you need to take a look at ThredUp.

I was so excited by the Western shirt that I made Bo try it on and pose for us tonight:

"Heeeehaawww, mama!" Apparently he watched HeeHaw in another life. Whenever he sees a cowboy, he says, "HeeHaw" instead of "YeeHaa."

 Mazy's box of clothes, four pairs of jean shorts and a couple shirts, will arrive later this week.

The brothers Hanson... Cheesing it up for the camera.

Cold, windy and cloudy today. Looks like sunshine tomorrow. Hopefully warmer temps will return soon! So long, partners.

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