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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter from Lord Lightning and Super Bo!

Happy Easter, everybody!!! We're in the midst of Easter morning and I'm about to start cooking food for our lunch at Aunt Sherie's house. So here's a quick look at Easter morning so far:
 Meet Super Bo (eating bacon) and Lord Lightning -- the newest super heroes that will save the Earth.
The super hero capes and power bands I made are a big hit!

 Here's what the Easter Bunny brought Mazy -- three Goose Bumps books, a Hotwheels track, one Hotwheels car, two Marvel comic figures, one chocolate bunny from Stam's and the super hero ensemble from Mama.
 Mazy decided his super hero name will be: Lord Lightning. 
(Love that name!)

 And here's Bo's loot from the big bunny -- all the same as Mazy's except Bo got three Curious George books. His cape features a sword -- his favorite weapon. 

 Waiting on the stairs for Daddy to get up so they can start the egg hunt. Bo was not happy about the wait.

 This is Bo's "smile" when I told him to be happy.

 And here's Mazy waiting for the hunt to begin. He woke up at 6:20 a.m. I stalled him until 7 or so. 

 And the Easter egg hunt begins!!!

 Bo finds the first egg hidden on the bookcase. 

We tried to suggest different rooms for each of them to search so Bo could get plenty of eggs, too. He's pretty quick at finding them though!

 Of course, you have to sample a few eggs as you're finding them. Bo was excited to find jelly beans in this one!

 Mazy's favorite part: opening the eggs and discovering what's inside! There were about 100 plastic eggs hidden around the downstairs.

 Special order: Storm Trooper and Darth Vader pancakes! Chef Daddy enjoyed eating these more than the boys. :) 

 The capes were lost in the excitement of the morning but when they were rediscovered by the boys, it was super hero mayhem! I love this picture -- Mazy helped Bo put on his power band and then his cape. 

Isn't this cute! Big brother helping little brother with his cape. 

Well, I better get cooking and find these boys some Easter outfits. Happy Easter to the Chews in Mississippi; to Tobin, Bob and Sal in Massachusetts; to the Hillstroms in Door County; to the Wirts and Luetts at the farm; to Doug, Marla and Jean in Des Moines; to the Foritanos; to the Vests and all my other friends and family. Love you guys!


  1. Looked like a fun Easter! Maybe Shawn could get up a little earlier next year. We had a good day. Rachel had a little incident after we ate breakfast - she didn't feel well - jumped up from the table and said she needed to get to the bathroom. She took a few steps, got sick (yes vomited) and fainted!!! Luckily Jordan had jumped up to go with her, Rachel dropped to her knees - and then Cody was right behind her. It was pretty frightening. She went to the Dr and all is okay - really don't think she'll make it to her due date.

    Anyway - loved the capes and what a good Easter loot!

  2. LOVE the capes. Keesia - you are genius. Any boy would love you for a mom. I can't believe you hid 100 eggs. You two are the best parents! Happy belated Easter back!

  3. The capes turned out great! I think Porter's Aunt Suisan will be making him a cape and arm band set for his birthday. :)

  4. Well if she doesn't, you let me know and I'll make him one! I actually thought of dear Porter when I saw Bo running around in his. We need to go to lunch soon. Let's big a sunny day and eat sandwiches at the park near your house!