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Monday, March 28, 2011

We've Been Summoned ... to the Director's Office

I think the end is near for sweet Bo's time at Wee Care Center. His report today had a big highlighted note that read: "Kaye wants to talk to you about Bo's behavior. Call her immediately to set up an appointment."

Gee. This sounds like fun. Kaye is the stern, uptight director. (I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my blog. They still hand-write their receipts...) I have already emailed two new daycare centers tonight and Shawn and I will both make some calls tomorrow. Clearly it's time to move on. And I would rather "break up" with them before they can do it to us! Yes, it's petty, but hey, I love my boy and no one is going to kick him out of a daycare!

So that's the big news today. Oh, some happier news, Shawn brought me home the most beautiful bouquet of flowers tonight! There were so many that I was able to make three arrangements. I just love fresh flowers. They brighten my mood so much and were such a happy surprise for a Monday evening! Thanks, Shawn!


  1. oh -oh Let us know what happens. I'm sorry you tell that director to call his Aunt Cindy - I thought he was precious and so SWEET!

  2. Oh well, you talked about moving on anyway and this gives you the push you need. I wonder which of the four of us might have gotten kicked out had we gone to day care? Possibly me, I was pretty ornery at Bo's age and I turned out so sweet. ;)