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Monday, March 7, 2011

B-day Party Pics!

Today was a pretty good day, even though it was cold and snowed most of the morning! (Don't worry, it didn't stick). Work was insane but I'm starting to get projects finished. Well, not really, but I guess it just doesn't bother me as much as it did last week. Both boys had good days at school. Shawn is taking my van in tomorrow to get a new windshield put in. (It's only needed it since Aug. 8, 2010, the day I hit.... the boy.... Let's not talk about that.)

We had spaghetti for supper and fresh strawberries and mangoes for dessert. Both boys took baths without complaint. I read three bedtime books to Bo. I colored in Mazy's new pirate coloring book with him, just like he requested. He and I finished another Magic Tree House Book, No. 10: The Wild West, for his bedtime reading. Then I sewed another little project for my mom's b-day present until 10. Then Shawn helped me unload and load the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen. And now I'm blogging and saying hello to you!

Here are some fun photos from Grandma Maxine's birthday party last Saturday. I have no idea why some of these photos are being flipped upside. It's very annoying! I switch them the correct way in another program, but for whatever reason this blogger site keeps switching them back!

Me and Grandma

 Shawn and the world champion Packers versus Troy and the loser Bears

 Aunt Sherie and Mom

Niece Theron made this AWESOME pillow for Grandma -- isn't it pretty! It's white with a beautiful yellow flower that Theron cut out and designed all by herself!
Grandma opening the bag I made her. Sorry for the blurriness.
Bobo and a birthday cupcake.
Mazy eating a birthday cupcake.
This picture cracks me up! I think someone was making fun of Bo for the huge bite of ice cream he was about to take, and this was the face they got.
  And look at this handsome guy! Nephew Hudson watching Grandma cook in the kitchen.

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