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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Scrapbooks for the Boys

 Bo's ABC scrapbook -- K is for Kiss and Keesia!

We just had our little Valentine's Day party with the boys. They both received a book, a small toy, a Lego figurine and personalized scrapbook. Mazy is in LOVE with his scrapbook. It's an adventure -- with him as the hero, naturally -- with guest appearances by his cousins Kael and Theron, his best friend Evan and great-grandpa Pud. Shawn wrote most of the story, although I researched Peru to find authentic village, river and villain names.

Bo likes his A-B-C scrapbook, too, and keeps turning to the pages taken at the Pappajohn Sculpture Park and yelling, "Let's go to the park, mama! Let's go!"

 H is for happy, howdy, hi and high!

 Bo's cover page. Isn't it awesome how I found "Bo" spelled out in the metal sculpture!

 D is for dirt, dirty, digging and dinosaurs!

Today we met Shawn's parents for lunch at China Moon in Ankeny. As usual, the boys were perfect little angels... I swear, they're so fake around their grandparents!  :)  Just kidding. Perhaps their grandparents just bring out the best in them. 

While Bo napped, my uncle Steve and cousin Lukey picked Mazy up for ice skating at the Brenton Rink downtown. I watched a movie and ate cheese and crackers. It was nice. Shawn worked on a board game he's designing. 

Tomorrow the boys and I are headed to Linden for our V-Day party with Grandma Maxine and Grandpa Pud. We're all taking them parts of a meal for a romantic meal on Valentine's Day! I'm looking forward to seeing them, and to delivering cookies to their other grandpas Keith and Kevin. And I'm really excited to give my V-Day tea towels to mom, aunt Sherie and Grandma Maxine!

Some pics of Mazy's adventure album -- too bad you couldn't see it all. It's quite funny... I picked a bunch of my favorite picks of him from the summer and then organized them into a plot. Shawn wrote most of the story, and I added in some details. Then I turned it into a scrapbook. We hinted at another adventure on the last page, and Mazy is already asking when that book will be finished... :)

 "This is Mazy. He is the hero of our story. He is brave, clever and adventurous. He searches the world for lost treasures and gives them to the Field Museum in Chicago."

 "Mazy has found it! The Moonrise Statue! The Field Museum would be so excited! But wait... What was that sound? Someone was coming down the river! Who could it be?"

 This is the Great Rope Bridge in the Peruvian village of Ollantaytambo. A nearby volcano was spewing poisonous gases and Kael fell asleep. Mazy was forced to continue his journey alone.

On this page, Mazy meets the jungle man, Bobo, who knows all the ways and animals of the jungle. He helps Mazy dig up a rare raptor egg that is needed to cross Raptor Valley.

The final page: "Does a prehistoric giant still roam the planet? Will Mazy come face to face with the Tyrant Lizard King? Find out in his next adventure!"

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