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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Loose Tooth Alert! Loose Tooth Alert!

It's finally happened. After months of anticipation. After weeks of questioning why his teeth are never loose! After studying about teeth for 6 weeks at school and helping chart how many teeth each of his classmates has lost, Mazy FINALLY has a loose tooth!

He's very excited. It's on the bottom, left center -- whatever that tooth is called. I should ask Mazy, he probably knows... His knowledge of teeth is astounding. When they study a subject at his school, they really study it. One day Mazy showed me a drawing he did that illustrated bloody gums and what causes it! Gross! But kind of cool that he paid attention and learned that.  He also draws all the parts of a tooth and can label them correctly. He also told me the process of how orthodontists create retainers for kids.

But the best part is, he brushes his teeth every day now without being told!

Anyway, when he told me about the loose tooth, I knew what my plans for tonight were: to make a tooth fairy pillow!! I searched for patterns and ideas, but ended up merging a few ideas and using a great tooth pattern from mmmcrafts site. And then I created a tooth monster pillow! I think Mazy will like him:

 The mouth is a small pocket where he will insert his tooth.

There's a larger pocket on back so the tooth fairy can leave money and a note, because all the fictional characters who visit our house leave rather lengthy notes. It's like they all like to write or something. Weird.  :)

I also wanted to show you the car garbage bag that I gave my mom for Valentine's Day. I had actually promised it to my sister, but then I didn't get a chance to finish Mom's embroidered tea towel so now my sis is getting the tea towel and Mom gets the car bag. I was going to make one for Mom anyway, so it worked out. And now Heidi bought the One-Yard Wonders book with the pattern and is planning to make her own. So don't feel too bad for her.

 Car garbage bag (hangs over the headrest of a front seat for backseat occupants, like messy children, to use)

It also has a nifty pocket to stash snacks, toys, books, maps, flashlights, whatever. It's a cool item. 

Ohhhh, one more thing. I did NOT win the potholder contest. But Mazy assures me that I should have won it. He said mine was the best because it had food on it, and all potholders should have food on them. The winners were pretty amazing so I don't feel bad about losing. You can check them out at Prudent Baby.

Since I've talked about Mazy throughout this post, let me end with a short Bo story. He was recently introduced to the cartoon movie, Cars, which is a good movie (and which I've watched probably 57 times now). He's started to repeat movie lines in his conversations. For instance, last night, when I asked him if he wanted to read a book before bedtime, he looked at me totally deadpan and said, "Oh yeahhhhh, Mama. Oh yeahhhhh." It's not as funny in print, but it was freaking hysterical in person. I laughed outloud. He said it exactly like Owen Wilson does in the movie -- very smooth and cocky. 

OK, I'm off to bed. I'm reading Jane Eyre and it's really good!

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  1. Feel bad for me because now I have to make TWO of them! Just kidding, I'm very happy to have the towel. Love that fabric, it would make a cool apron or pillow too.

    Good luck with the tooth Mazy, I love your pillow.