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Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

I just love birthdays! What a wonderful day to celebrate all the good stuff in your life. I heard from TONS of old friends and family members today, which is the absolutely best part of a birthday!

The boys and Shawn bought me some awesome presents! My absolute favorite -- the mother's necklace from Ephemera in the East Village that I've been wanting!! It hasn't arrived yet, but Shawn photoshopped a photo of what it will look like! He's so crafty.

My goodness, you know it was a good birthday by the number of exclamation points I'm using! There's another.

So, here's a highlight of my day:
  • My boss bought me a green tea latte during an early morning chat at Starbucks to discuss my future career path. Positive things are coming, by the way.
  • At 9:30 a.m., Shawn called and said my $100 Visa gift card had arrived in the mail! Whoohoo!
  • My aunt Sherie treated me to lunch at the Art Center restaurant and it was delish as always. 
  • Caribou Coffee treated me to a free vanilla rooibos tea latte after lunch. Love their customer appreciation program!
  • At 3 p.m., my account service team treated me to Mudslide ice cream birthday cake! Love those guys.
  • At 5:20 p.m., Mazy and I picked up Tasty Tacos for supper and had a delightful dinner party at home with Shawn and Bo. Bo only spilled his pop two times.... 
  • Following supper, I opened my gifts, which included the fabulous necklace I have already told you about. Mazy picked out a present for my office -- a post-it notepad that is in the shape of a dead body outline and it comes with a blood splattered pen!! It's hilarious. It will be a big hit at the office, and it cracks me up that Mazy bought it for me. Shawn also bought me two books: one about nuns and one the biography of an ex-stripper. I appreciated the yin and yang theme. Oh, and he bought me a "county sayings" daily calendar for my office, too. I like to embrace my agrarian roots at times and say things like, "Bar the gate, Katie!" and "Aint' that the berries!" and "Busy as a stumped-tail cow at fly time!" Just kidding. I don't say any of those things, but I might start now!
  • Bo got the mail for us. In it was a birthday card from my Great Aunt Bev (thanks Bev, you're the best!) and a card from my Great Aunt Bobby (thanks Bobby, you're the best, too!). They are the sweetest ladies. And I am planning on making something fun for both of them this year. 
  • And then we put the "Lego" movie in for the boys and I started to watch it, but I had fabric fever and instead spent an hour on the computer looking at really cool fabrics I could buy with my gift card!
What a great day. Thank you everyone, for all your great Facebook posts, emails, ichats, texts, phone calls, cards and in-person b-day wishes! I love you guys!!!

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