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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Drive to the Farm

I've showered.

Both boys have had baths. (No small feat today....)

And now Shawn is showering.

And THEN we can leave for a day at the farm. Because I tend to get impatient while waiting for Shawn to shave, shower and dress, I decided to write today's blog post. And I wanted to share some of my favorite Christmas presents from this year!

These are my two top presents for this year! Although I got a TON of cool stuff, you'll see more of it soon. It takes me awhile to photograph it. My third favorite is a new set of mixing bowls that I simply adore.... They are Christmas colors but I love them so much I'm going to display them year-round.
The first gift (on the left) is a hand-painted trivet that Mazy made me in art class. He painted the ocean and the mountains and it's raining. The green parts are trees. He also made the wrapping paper it came in -- it was beautiful too. I have it displayed in the kitchen on my work counter so I see it all the time.
The second gift (on the right) is my super-fantastic-handheld-milk frother!!! I. Love. This. Gadget. I have used it every morning since receiving it! Shawn also got me a really cool insulated coffee mug, so now I get my tea kettle going, make myself a cup of green tea and while it's "brewing" I froth my milk to add to it. I usually add a dash of cinnamon as well. It's fabulous. And I haven't stopped for coffee once since I got it! That's a lot of money we're saving and my green tea cinnamon lattes are better than anything I buy at the stores!
Time to get stuff ready. Think I'll take my sewing machine and last night's projects that I got cut out. I have five projects ready to sew now! 

Oh, one more thing. I worked in the basement for about 2 hours yesterday! There's a LONG way to go, but I cleared out a lot of junk, recycled tons of boxes and shopping bags, and started organizing all the fabric and tools I found hiding beneath the junk. I'm super excited to get my sewing area functional again. This time, I'm going to incorporate a spot for scrapbooking, too.  

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