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Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy MLK Jr. Day!

It's me and the boys again today.

Bo is working on a puzzle and Mazy is watching the movie, "Up." I've had a pretty useful day at home -- emptied a bookcase in the living room (condensing it into another) and moved the empty bookcase into storage. I also cleaned up an old chair we had in the front porch that will replace the blue recliner in the living room. Ol' blue finally gave way this weekend -- the recliner is destroyed. But that's OK. Recliners take up a lot of space. The new chair gives us a lot more walking room, and it's quite comfy!

We had a nice visit at the farm yesterday. My sister and her son were up for a long weekend. I took my sewing machine and got quite a bit of sewing finished in the afternoon, including my super-duper new bedside organizer!! I love it, and it turned out so well. Mazy wants one for his bed now!

My new bedside organizer! I'll take a picture of it tonight when it's on my bed. 
I also made two of the four car trash bags I cut out on Saturday. I still need to buy the parachute clasps for the straps, but once I get those, we'll be set!

Two of the car trash bags I'm making. They're a little smaller than I envisioned, but they'll still be very handy for anyone who travels with children much.
And what else is going on? Mazy might start tae kwon do lessons tomorrow night. I'm a little leery of Tuesday and Friday night classes, but I guess we could try it for a month and see how it goes. He's leery too, but it will be good for him.

Oh, and this Friday is Shawn's birthday! I talked to cousin Jenny today and she's still planning on babysitting. Now I just need to wrap gifts, decide on a dessert recipe and plan our date for Friday night!

Well, I suppose I should go switch laundry and figure out supper. I need to plan my menu for the week.


  1. Sounds like an eventful weekend! I know Shawn was happy to have his packers win, not only win, dominate!! A perfect birthday present for him! We had a productive day here as well, with the day off. I need to come up with a menu for the week as well...if not..I have to stop by the store practically every day of the week! Hate that...I'm off to do some work...

  2. Hey Jordy!

    Yes, Shawn was QUITE excited with the Packers win but he is already nervous about Saturdays showdown with the Bears... He refuses to watch the game anywhere near Troy (who is a huge Bears fan, you may recall) just in case they don't win. Hope you're doing well. Are you getting excited about being an auntie soon??!!?!

  3. Yes-I'm getting really excited! It's still crazy to believe. But Cody is going to be an amazing Dad, I know Rachel will be a great mom. Some people get pregnant, and you're thinking-whoa-they are going to be parents!! Maybe I've just been in the school system and dealt with frightful parents!! And we wonder what's wrong with America's youth....Ok-I'll get off my soap box now!
    Tell Shawn that Bryan and I have officially put all of our support behind the packers for the rest of the post-season! Geaux Packers!!! I think a Packer themed party is a must!! Think it will be a good weekend for Shawn baby!
    Oh-and glad everything went well with Bo! It's always nervous waiting and not wanting to know sometimes, but it all works out! I always tell Bryan--Knowledge is Power!!! KIP the more we know, the more we can do-yes the school teacher is coming out again! Ok-I'm done for the night!! I've had a long, stressful week-no work tonight-headed to bed to read some of my John Grisham novel!