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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bo's Psych Evaluation

Yes, that's right.  Bo's behavior at daycare is less than stellar. So less than stellar that they asked our permission for a social worker to give him a psychological evaluation.

As you can imagine, that freaked me out. A lot. A tremendous amount, as a matter of fact. I love my sweet little Bobo to pieces and while I agree that his temper rivals that of crazy basketball coach Bobby Knight (Bo, too, likes to throw chairs...) he never seemed disturbed to me. So it was with much reluctance and dread that I agreed to the evaluation.

Today while typing away at work, the social worker who evaluated him last Friday, called me and told me the results of "the evaluation." (cue foreboding music)

My heart was in my throat as I thanked her for calling. However, after stressing out about it all weekend, I finally concluded that no matter what they found or advised, we would thank them, get a second opinion and then decide what to do.

Well...... No second opinion needed! Bo is fine! Fine, fine, fine. In fact, she used the word, "adorable." First she was impressed that he was in the 3- and 4-year-old room and showed communication and motor skills rivaling those of his older peers. (That's all the bragging I'll do. I promise.)

Here's the part of the conversation that made me simultaneously laugh and shake my head for what our future holds....

Social worker: I worked with Bo for several hours. He talked to me and told me all about the different dinosaurs on his shoes. His shoes are really cool by the way. At the end of my visit, I turned my back on him for just a minute to talk to his teachers. And that's when he bit someone. Quite a bite, it drew blood.

Me: Oh yeah. I saw that on his report....

Social worker: I didn't see what happened. I asked Bo why he bit his friend and he said that the boy had punched him.

In my head I was thinking: Ha. Yeah right. Good answer, Bo...

Me: Oh really? Well, we tell  him that fighting back doesn't solve anything. (Or something lame like that...)

Social worker: But you should have seen his little face. He was so upset. He was very remorseful and it was obvious that he felt very bad about hurting his friend.

In my head: Hhmmm. Remorseful, you say... Are you sure you were looking at Bo?

Me: Yes, he is a pro at making sad faces....

Social worker: It just broke my heart. He was so sad. You know, there are a lot of firecrackers in that daycare and even though I didn't see it happen, I believe Bo. His bite was provoked by the other child.

In my head: Holy shit -- Bo pulled one over on a social worker! She's now blaming the other kid for getting bitten! My god, he IS good.

Me: Oh.. well... uhmm... OK.

She was a very sweet social worker and I wanted to hug her for reassuring me that my sweet little temperamental maniacal boy who knows how to use those pretty long eyelashes of his... is just that... a normal temperamental maniacal 2-year-old boy. Who occasionally bites, hits, throws chairs, tells his teachers no and once in awhile laughs at them for trying to punish him. He also has a wickedly wonderful sense of humor, his smile melts hearts, his big ol' blue eyes are delightfully ornery and irresistible, and he's just a lovable little scamp.

Bo, for the record, I never doubted you for a minute, buddy.

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