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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Married to an Older Man

 This is my old man.  :)  Isn't he handsome. This was Christmas morning, he had just opened up a new Lego figurine that Santa brought him in his stocking. 

Beginning on Friday, I will be married to an older man....

For about one month each year, Shawn is officially the oldest person in our house. And believe you me, I don't let that month go by without mentioning it one or two or sixty-seven times. :)

Ever since our wonderful boys entered our lives, I haven't done a very good job of celebrating Big Daddio's birthday. Plus, it's less than a month after Christmas and it's tough to get fired up to buy presents and make cakes and plan parties. BUT I did a better job last year, and I am going to knock it out this year with three days of celebrating! And it will begin tomorrow night with a party at our house. Of course, I just decided to do this tonight. So now I need to plan a rather quick birthday party and theme for him....

My to-do list:
  • Wrap presents
  • Plan dinner menu
  • Plan dessert
  • Plan decorations and theme (ooohhh, the Packers are in the play-offs this weekend, I think it will be a Packers theme!)
  • Choose restaurant for Friday night's date night!!! Yahoooo!
  • Plan after-dinner activity, like a movie or bookstore
Well, it looks like I have my work cut out for me. I better get moving. Have a great night!

P.S. Mazy and I went to the dentist this morning and neither of us had cavities! I just want to point out that I have been cavity-free for all 34 years of my life. And I think that's something to brag about!

P.S.S. Bo had a great day at daycare! He didn't bite or hit anyone! He did yell at teachers, and threatened to  hit kids with toys and ran around like a crazy man during circle time and refused to nap, BUT he did not hit or bite or kick! Yahoo!

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  1. Please tell Shawn Happy Birthday for me - and it sounds like a great weekend. Stay warm and have fun. Hey glad Bo checked out fine! I know that had to be kind of frightening, so tell day care to shove it! Hey....sorry but I was over 50 before I had my first cavity! Still have pretty good teeth - so keep brushing and flossing. Aunt Cindy (in case it says Frenchy)