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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday Gyros for Shawn

Keeping it short and sweet tonight. Shawn requested the Olympic Flame for his pre-birthday supper -- gyros for him and me, fish sandwich for Maze and what else, hamburger and fries for Bobo.

It was also bath night and put-away-laundry night. We picked up the house a little in preparation for tomorrow's babysitters, cousins Luke and Jenny! The boys are very excited to have them over. The movie "Despicable Me" should arrive from Netflix tomorrow so they can have pizza and a movie night, while we go out to eat!

Shawn  hasn't decided where we're going. It's so rare for just the two of us to go out to a nice restaurant together! I hope he picks something in downtown. I love dressing up and going downtown. Of course, it's a frigid 3.2 degrees right now. Tomorrow is supposed to be downright nasty with snow, high winds and ultra cold temps. But it's Friday and Shawn's birthday! So who cares.

Both boys had great days at school/daycare today. Yahooo! But I'm not going to say much about it because every time I do they act like monsters the following day....

Last thing: I started a new page on my blog tonight for my One-Yard Wonders projects. Hoping to get a lot accomplished this Saturday at Shawn's parents, we're having a sewing day while the boys watch True Grit.

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