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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sugar Cookies and Clutch Powers

Well I survived the customer service training. Barely... We went nonstop from 11 to 4. It was a tad overwhelming, but I supposed I learned a lot. (That I never want to work in customer service!)

Even though the training went an hour longer than expected, we did get a quick stop at the Jaarsma Bakery in downtown Pella. Yum. Yum. Triple yum. I bought two frosted stegosaurus sugar cookies, one frosted snowman sugar cookie, four raspberry/almond tarts and one bag of cheese popcorn. I wanted to buy a lot more, but I stopped myself. :)

I was about 20 minutes late picking up Mazy. Shawn was about 10 minutes late picking up Bo. So we decided to put our Not-So-Poor Shrimp Po-Boys on the backburner and allowed Mazy -- who had a great week at school! -- to choose supper. He picked tacos from Taco Bell.

Then the whole family watched a Lego movie called: The Adventures of Clutch Powers. It was pretty cool. Legos are big with every member of our family. We all build with them. We all play with them. We all have our favorites. We all enjoy watching Lego people come to life on the big screen. I guess we're kind of a dorky family in that regard. :)

Now it's time to read Mazy a bedtime story and then get him to bed. Haven't decided if I will sew tonight or take a break. Irelyn's star block quilt is really progressing. All 16 star blocks are finished and sewn together into five rows. I need to finish the four corner blocks and add them to the rows. Then sew all five rows together. And then I'll make the borders and it will be finished!

I bought some beautiful fabrics at Jo-Ann Fabrics last Sunday. I am going to make a bedside bookholder for myself with one of them. I hope to make it this weekend. I need it! My books are all thrown into a messy pile on the floor. This will be a stylish and functional project!

This was Shawn's birthday LAST year. Look how much the boys have changed!
And this was the cake we made him! It tasted better than it looks -- a non-dairy caramel pecan chocolate layer cake. Mazy decorated the top with little figurines that Shawn collects. (One of his many, many collections...)

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