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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shakin' and Bakin' Tonight!

That dear husband of mine had chicken in the oven, wild rice pilaf cooking in the rice cooker and broccoli ready to steam when Mazy and I arrived home tonight at 6. We had to make a quick stop at the library to return five books and check out five new ones.

Supper was later than usual due to the rather large bone-in chicken pieces we had, but well worth the wait. Bo especially enjoys him some chicken! He ate a huge amount for such a wee lad. Mazy, on the other hand, disdains chicken when it has "sloppy" parts, which is gristle and veins and stuff that is kind of gross to deal with on your plate. So he filled himself with broccoli, rice and some sushi that his Grandma Belinda sent home for him.

After reading to the boys, I worked in the basement for about 45 minutes. I cannot believe how many projects I found.... I have FIVE finished baby quilts down there! Five!!! Not totally finished -- they need to be quilted still. But the tops are finished. Holy cow, how could I forget that? I also found many other projects that are near completion and will be added to my list.

But I am still going on the shop hop in a couple of weeks and buying more.  :)  After all, hobbies are very good for your soul and disposition.

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