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Friday, January 7, 2011

Dinner, a Movie and Sewing

It snowed lightly all this morning and when I left work at 5 the wind was blowing fiercely. In other words, it was the perfect night to stay home with the family and have fun.

We ate the ever nutritious nachos for supper (with roast I had cooked in the crockpot today and low-fat shredded cheese and avocado and healthy beans ... just proving it wasn't as bad as you imagined.) Then we played games with the boys for awhile. Bo was so sweet tonight -- despite his less than stellar daycare report. Once he was in bed, we settled down for another Harry Potter movie with Mazy -- one none of us have seen yet, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." It was very good.

And then once Mazy was in bed, I decided to work on my baby quilt for niece Imersyn. Did I mention that I think it turned out kind of ugly?? I didn't do it on purpose! But the colors just don't look that great. I tried to jazz it up by sewing the most adorable little applique owl to it. It does look cute, but the quilt is still kind of ugly... Oh well. :)

I have to finish quilts for Irelyn and Imersyn before I can get started on projects for my brother Troy and cousin Cody's May babies!! I've already picked out a quilt pattern for Cody and Rachel's bouncing baby boy -- it's very contemporary and I think Rachel will like it. I'm hoping to go fabric shopping in early February with my mother-in-law and that's when I'll find the browns, tans and blues I want to make it. Troy and Keri are being surprised so that makes their baby quilt a bit more challenging. I think I will go with bright colors for it. And I've found a great pattern for them as well!

OK, enough fabric talk.

Tomorrow morning I'm taking Mazy to his first eye exam while Bo and Shawn head to the monthly flea market at the state fairgrounds. Then we're all headed to Nevada for lunch with the in-laws. I'm hoping to finish Imersyn's quilt, make my first Thrifty 50 Challenge project and maybe even get started on Irelyn's quilt! That's very ambitious... but I like to be an optimist.

All my love! Have a great weekend!

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