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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Thrifty 50 Handmade Challenge

This is the AMAZING dinosaur quilt that Shawn's mom Belinda and sister Sandy made for Mazy. Bo got a slightly smaller version of it, too! And they got matching pillowcases for Christmas!! The boys ADORE these quilts.

I am so excited!!!

After several weeks of thinking about it and wondering how to set a goal for myself that would inspire me to be creative, crafty and socially-conscious, I've decided that I am going to make 50 projects out of my new favorite book, "One-Yard Wonders" and give them to people I love, admire or maybe even don't know yet.

Beneath chubby baby Mazy (2005) is the patchwork Flying Geese quilt my Grandma Maxine made me when I went to college. Mazy stole it for his bed (he sleeps under 4 quilts...), but it will always be one of my favorites.

I love this idea!!! Don't be surprised, faithful readers, if YOU are one of the 50 to receive a little something from me. In fact, I believe each and every one of you is already on my list!

I'm going to use up my fabric stash, learn some new skills and sharpen those I already have. It's my Thrifty 50 Handmade Challenge! But I have until Dec. 31, 2011, to finish -- so don't expect anything too soon. :)
Grandpa Pud and baby Mazy (2005) with the FABULOUS wooden rocking horse that Grandpa made for him. It is beautiful. One day his children will rock on it and he can tell them stories about his Great Grandpa Pud. (The ears were made from Grandpa's brother's worn-out leather boots! Isn't that cool!)

This weekend we're going to my in-laws so Shawn's mom and I can have a sewing day, and Shawn and his dad can go to True Grit, and the boys can watch movies and play dinosaurs. I can't wait! As soon as this post is finished, I'm going to go through my fabric stash and pairing fabrics with projects on my list.

This fleece blanket was a gift to me from Shawn's mom. It is so warm and cozy and wonderful. One of my favorite parts of late fall is going to the closet and getting this blanket out for the winter!

So what am I waiting for? I have fabric to search for, patterns to peruse and notions to find so I can get started!

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  1. Love your idea. Loved the picture of Bo's meltdown. I don't know if you remember the day that Mazy had a melt down in Barnes and Noble when he was younger....hang on Bo will also get through this.

    FYI - my favorite personal belonging is the flannel quilt that you made for me a few years back. I use it EVERY day during the winter, and my family knows - just don't even use it unless I have given you permission! I hate when it gets warm and I have to put it away. Thank you Keesia for keeping me warm!

    If this comes up as from Frenchy - it's NOT it's Aunt C