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Friday, December 17, 2010

Heading to a Holiday Party

Five minutes until quitting time. And I'm ready for it!

Last night was our company holiday party at People's Court bar in downtown Des Moines. It is always a fun, if somewhat crazy event with the 8 hours of free booze for all. It starts with a company meeting, which lasts about 2.5 hours. The bar opens at 3:30, and let me tell you, people take advantage of it. Anyway, a good time had by all.

Tonight is a holiday party at our former daycare providers' home. We haven't seen them since Bo stopped going there in January. It will be nice to catch up. There's a Dirty Santa gift exchange, which are always entertaining. We're taking gifts for our boys to open and play with while the adults do their exchange.

I'm not planning to stay too long with the boys. We'll head home, get them to bed at a decent time and then I'm planning to watch the movie, "Amelie." It looks kind of artsy, but good.

Whatever you're doing -- make it fun and festive! Hey, I haven't seen any comments lately. Tell me what one thing you're looking forward to most this Christmas!

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  1. I love the story of Mazy seeing the Santa video!! I agree-he should definitely be believing in the spirit of Santa...that's the one of the best parts!! Although it doesn't surprise me coming from Mazy...he is like a little man! What I'm looking forward too...I don't know..I love, love, love having a lit Christmas tree in the house! I have it plugged in at all times possible. It truly makes me really happy...get that from my Momma. And just being with family-and just the mood of people. I love it when people aren't so cynical with each other and just do that one little extra thing for someone! Those are my thoughts for now!