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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

21st Century Sledding

Remember when you had to climb hills and trudge through the snow to go sledding? Well, today the boys and their cousins participated in 21st century-style sledding -- from behind Grandpa's four-wheeler!

It was a beautiful sunny day. Temps in the low 30s. I took the boys to the farm this morning and we just returned a few minutes ago (8:30 p.m.). We had a great day. Heidi and the kids were there, as were Troy and Kael. An old family friend Mary Lou came for coffee in the afternoon. It was just like old times.

The kids had a blast -- truly a blast on the sled! We hauled them in every couple of hours to throw their snow clothes into the dryer to dry them out and to re-energize the kids with food and drinks. We did that THREE separate times!!! They always came in soaking wet, rosy cheeked and chattering about who fell off the sled the most and who got stuck in the snow and whose face was the reddest and who had the most snow down their pants.

At one point Mazy came in with a face full of blood, dripping bright red spots all over Grandma's kitchen floor. He'd flown off the sled and landed on Theron's head. It stopped bleeding in no time, but not before the got the privilege of having the best story of the day, "The snow was covered in my blood!"

Bo got in on the action, too. He rode on the front of the four-wheeler most of the time, yelling at the kids when they fell off and perfectly content to stay there all day long. He loves the four-wheeler.

There's something about watching cousins play like that that always makes me happy. I love that they are close to one another and see each other as often as possible. Even though the three oldest each live in a different state, they are all excited to see one another and play together like siblings.

It always reminds me of my Mississippi cousins and the fun we had with them each summer and on so many Christmases. Cousins are great!

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