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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Scanners and Price Tags

As always, my boy Mazy made me proud today. His event at school was so much fun! We played the matching game he created, then I played games with two of his classmates, and then Mazy showed mearound his room and we looked at their grocery store projects. Mazy made art projects of two grocery store tools: the scanner and the price tags. His report about how a scanner works was quite informative! He has a grasp of science that is quickly going to put me to shame... And his price tags for the apples were excellentas well.

After the event, we went to lunch. He picked sushi. It took some convincing, but the waitress finally believed me when I said he wanted sushi. She kept trying to sell me a bowl of chicken noodle soup for him! As if! I let him order the rolls -- $30 later, w
e were both "stuffed to the gills" as Mazy said and went for a walk around Capitol Square and the Sky Walk. It was fun. He was sad when I had to take him back to class, but I don't think he cried. At least he didn't that I could see.
I love the Downtown School! I can't wait until Bo is a little older and we will get to have these experiences too!

Quick Bobo story: Bo got new shoes this morning (see photo). They are quite possibly the coolest shoes any 2-year-old ever stomped in. Not only do they have t-rex and a volcano on them. They also have a full set of teeth on the toes of the shoe, a t-rex head on the back with red flashing eyes, and eyes on the tongue that also flash! We are talkin
g seriously cool shoes. And check out the claws on the soles! It is one of the first times I have seen Bo speechless over a present. He was SO excited about these shoes.

Mazy was a little jealous, of course. He would do anything for a pair of shoes like these, but alas, they don't come in his size. He was quite put off by it, until I pulled out his new dinosaur backpack! It was supposed to be a birthday present, but I noticed this morning that his backpack was totally torn up. So I pulled this out and he was so excited he actually jumped up and down and hugged it!

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