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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Three hours until it is officially December! Oh how I love this month! It's busy, it's crazy, it's fun, it's family, it's friends, it's gifts, it's homemade goodies, it's good food, in short, it's everything I love!

My Christmas shopping is about 80 percent complete. Thank you big sis for ordering mom and dad's presents today! Check those two off my list. Now I need to concentrate on finishing my handmade gifts! Yikes! There's no time for procrastination. I have a scrapbook to make for Mazy, several pillows to design and sew, a doll-carrying bag for my niece, and it seems like something else.... Oh well, I'll remember it eventually.

I'd also like the boys to make Christmas tree ornaments for all their cousins. I think those would be fun stocking stuffers! The boys love, love, love hanging their own ornaments on the tree so I think their cousins will get a kick out of it.

Tonight was a good night -- Taco Tuesday (tonight it was Burrito Tuesday) followed by an hour of Lego time around the dining room table. Shawn and the boys played while I flipped through my two new cooking magazines that arrived today, Clean Eating and the Food Network magazine.

Here's the wreath I made on Sunday -- isn't it fabulous!

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  1. Love your wreath, I bet it smells wonderful! What is Clean Eating? Sounds like a good mag. I also like Food Network mag, but don't get it. Your tree looks great too.