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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is This Heaven? No, It's Lobster Pot Pie

I ate lobster pot pie tonight. It. Was. Awesome. I had a five-course meal at the Wakonda Country Club.

1st: Argula salad with smoked duck breast, candied onions, sugared pecans, goat cheese, orange sections and a citrus vinagrette.

2nd: Lobster pot pie -- this was a French-style potpie. One carrot, one potato, one beet, one pearl onion, one gigantic lobster claw, half a lobster tail, and the most delicious creamy sauce in the world. It was baked in a large bowl with a huge puff pastry crust. Fabulous.

3rd: Seared Nantucket dry scallop on a wild mushroom risotto. The chef used chantrelle mushrooms. Oh man, it was so good. And that scallop!!!!

4th: Aged beef filet cooked in MELTED BUTTER!! Served over mashed potatoes with truffles. There was a crunchy potato strings nest on top of it. Green and white asparagus on the side. A fabulous red wine sauce over all of it. Fantastic. The steak was so tender, well, like butter. You didn't need a knife to cut it.

5th: A chocolate quartet including flourless chocolate with mint cream, chocolate gelato in a cookie nest, chocolate and banana bread pudding with caramel sauce and chocolate mousse.

Plus, they served us a different wine with each course. AND we got to eat inside the kitchen while the chef demonstrated how to cook each item. What a fabulous night! It was part of a United Way fundraiser at work. A seat at the table cost $60. Worth every penny.

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  1. Wow - did you feel like you were back on the Cape?? Sounded great - was this work related? Did you get all your gifts bought for your advent exchange. That sounds fun.......