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Monday, November 8, 2010

Bluegrass Dance Party

Iowa harvest photos 10/2010. Thank you farmers around the world!
We appreciate all that you do to produce our food!

I'm not sure whose idea it was, but tonight we enjoyed 45 minutes of bluegrass dancin' in the living room. My boys can dance! Those little feet and legs move a mile a minute! They crack me up. I need to use my digital recorder and make a movie of them sometime -- these are definitely moves we want to remind them about when they're going to prom in 13 years.

We have decided that we will have a dance party at Mazy's birthday party later this month. A dino dance party, to be exact -- I'm thinking we'll make dinosaur footprints to designate the dance floor. We'll also make a dance CD with a variety of genres for all ages to enjoy. I'll put Shawn in charge of that. And then the kids and adults can get down and show off their best moves. I also found this awesome recipe for fossil cookies -- which I think we'll make for our treat bags for guests. Thanks, Martha -- you never let me down with your craftiness!

In other news, have I mentioned yet how much I loved waking up today to the faint glow of the rising sun! I HATE waking up in the dark. I just wasn't meant to do it. I'm a sunshine gal -- I need natural light to awaken me and welcome me to the new day.

Well, I have a date with some online sites tonight to get a jump on Christmas shopping. Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!

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