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Friday, October 1, 2010

31 Days of Halloween Fun!

It's always a challenge but for the past couple years we've tried to do at least one Halloween- or harvest-themed activity during the 31 days of Halloween.

We LOVE Halloween in this house. We love autumn. We love harvest time. We love October. We love this time of year more than Christmas or summer or spring or anything!

So, today was a big day! I wore a Halloween shirt to work and took a jack-o-lantern for my desk. I even went to lunch with a cool coworker of mine who loves Halloween as much as I do. We talked about all our favorite Halloween traditions, parties, decorations, etc. It was great fun. We sat on a patio at The High Life for nearly 2 hours!

Each day this month I will hopefully post our Halloween activity for the day, and if possible with a couple photos. I like having a blog because it will motivate me to go the extra mile this year and try to do something for all 31 days!

October 1 Halloween fun:
  • Scary Medusa-Head Pasta for supper (Mazy's idea) and Halloween rice krispie treats for dessert
  • Halloween Family Movie Night! The plan was to watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" first with Bo, and then put him to bed and watch Halloween Simpson episodes. But poor Bo did not make it to the movie. At 7:30 he had reached the end and is now upstairs sleeping. We'll watch Charlie Brown tomorrow. Shawn and Mazy are watching The Simpsons.
Scary Medusa pasta heads! It was Mazy's idea to make these -- fettuccine for hair, french bread for a head, pasta sauce for blood, green pepper fangs and yellow cherry tomatoes for eyes. The boys both ate more for supper than they have in a long time!


  1. Kraft Mac and cheese just came out with halloween pasta in the blue boxes. Certainly not as creative as above, but a good last minute supper for Halloween month! Love the heads Mazy!

  2. This is awesome. Love your 31 days of Halloween fun!