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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Diablo Pasta and a Shopping Trip

Another coworker has bid us farewell and we were invited to her going away lunch at Tursi's Latin King. It's a cool and delicious Italian restaurant on the East side. In fact, it's right across the street from AE Dairy, which is an odd, industrial location for this restaurant. It's beautifully decorated, has a fabulous outdoor veranda and is famous for its chicken spiedini. But I didn't order that. I was tempted by the penne diablo -- a delicious dish of spicy marinara and alfredo sauces with Des Moines' finest Graziano Italian sausage. Yum. Yum. Yum. It was a nice time to get to know people from other departments that I don't see often.

Tonight we had a quick dinner of leftovers -- Monday's tacos, Tuesday's southern pork roast with Shawn's homemade mashed potatoes (yes, I said homemade mashed potatoes from my husband) and a can of pineapple chunks for dessert. A little odd, yes, and I discovered that mashed potatoes with leftover guacamole is an interesting concept but not very good to eat.

After supper I realized that I needed a birthday present for my mother-in-law, who's party is going to be Saturday night. It was either tonight or tomorrow night to go to the mall, and it can't be tomorrow because that's OCTOBER 1 -- A NATIONAL HOLIDAY AT OUR HOUSE!! SO BEGINS THE 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN!!

So I drove to the mall and had a delightful time browsing around at Younkers. I bought Shawn's mom a cardigan, shirt and picture frame for my favorite recent photo of the boys, a photo frame for me and two awesome Christmas ornaments for the boys -- I have officially started Christmas shopping! I was walking by the ridiculously early Christmas display and a t-rex Christmas tree ornament caught my eye. I had already decided that I wanted to find the boys dinosaur ornaments this year. I always buy them ornaments that commemorate our year. Last year was a big shiny "M" for Mazy because he learned how to write his name. And Bo got a cute little stuffed puppy because he really liked dogs. This was definitely our dinosaur year. So Mazy got a green T-rex and Bo got a red brachiosaurus. They're shiny glass ornaments. Very cool.

And then I came home and decided to order myself a new pair of boots (knee length ones!) to wear with my fall skirts. I've always wanted a sassy pair of knee-length boots. And the site I ordered them from had a great deal going. (I also ordered brown tights and a red skirt.) So all in all, it was a productive evening.

Oh, and I came home to find that Mazy and Shawn had picked up the entire downstairs! I couldn't believe it. I figured we'd work on it after the boys went to bed. So now we can come home tomorrow and start our October celebration -- Halloween-themed dinner chosen by Mazy, Rice Krispie treats in spooky shapes for dessert and then Friday Night Halloween Movie Night!


  1. I just bought a pair of knee high black boots too! Did you get black or brown? I want to get some shorter dresses to wear with them. Have a great weekend!

  2. I bought brown. And I ordered a new, just-below the knee red skirt to go with them. And I have a plaid skirt too that they'll look great with. I'd love to get one of those sweater dresses that all the fashionistas at work wear with their knee-high boots.