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Monday, September 20, 2010

Fond Memories of Size 2T

Although the yard work was not finished this past weekend as we hoped, we are progressing on our organizing, downsizing, getting rid of junk plans. Tonight we sorted through about half of the boys clothes -- putting them on hangers, pricing them and preparing them for Saturday's garage sale.

I have mixed emotions about this.

On one hand it is very exciting to see how much stuff we can get rid of this week and free up some closet space, and make the house more presentable for when we try to sell it.

On the other hand, it's so hard to say goodbye to all those little outfits that have so many memories attached to them! There's the little Packers jacket my mom bought Mazy when he was a chubby little baby. There's the blue Santa puppy t-shirt Bo wore all last winter because it was the same color as his beautiful blue eyes. There's a pile of dark brown and orange pants and shirts that looked so good with Mazy's strawberry blond hair and porcelain complexion. There's the bib overalls that Bo would never let me dress him in. Oh it's hard to say goodbye to their baby days!

We thought long and hard about getting rid of these clothes. We are about 75 percent sure that we'd like to have one more child. And as I'm pushing 35, that probably has to happen in the next year or two. We considered saving these clothes for that future child, but in the end, decided that we and our families will probably buy new clothes for that baby anyway so there's really no need to keep all these giant totes of clothes in our house.

Besides, what if that next baby is a girl?!? Now I've officially jinxed myself into having another boy, which would be just fine by me. I love, love, love my boys and would welcome another with open arms. I've always imagined myself with a house full of boys -- terribly behaved, but lovable little rascals with personalities the size of the moon.

However, I'd like Shawn to experience having a daughter. He has his heart set on a female child who will love him best, and think that I pale in comparison. (He's convinced the boys both like me best. And, well, I can't really disagree. They're MY boys!)

So most of the clothes are going. What we don't sell we'll give to some of the downtown women and children shelters. Of course, I am keeping some favorite outfits that I will one day pass on to the boys when they are grown and bring me my new grandbabies to dote on and spoil. Oh what a grandma I will be!

As we organized clothes, we watched the movie, "Secondhand Lions." It was cute, and sweet. But that Haley Joel Osmond is a terrible actor. Good grief. Who let him into that movie? Mazy was allowed to stay up late and watch most of it. He was busy making a dinosaur journal in the new AC/DC notebook that Shawn bought him today. He drew different dinosaurs on 60 of the 80 pages... Tomorrow he is going to "name them and draw their habitats".

Bobo's new thing every night after daycare is "get mail, mama!" He runs to the door and waits for me, and then we walk up the driveway together. Well, he struts and walk behind him smiling. Then he walks up the front steps, pretends to reach and strain to open the mailbox and says, "can't reach mama. can't get the mail! you help. help me, mama. help!" And then I walk over and say, "Bo! You can't get the mail? What will we do?" And so forth. It's become a favorite ritual for both of us.

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