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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sometimes Rainy Sundays Are Just What You Need

I really do love a cold, rainy weekend every once in awhile. We got out our blankets, our thick socks and our sweatshirts. We had a built-in excuse for not working in the yard on our "grand playground" project. We hunkered down inside and enjoyed it. The high was only in the low 60s today but it's supposed to be back up to the mid 80s tomorrow! You can't beat Iowa for erratic weather....

Mazy had his first art class yesterday at the Des Moines Art Center. I think he had a good time. I dropped him off with about 10 other 4 - 6 year-olds and picked him up an hour and a half later. His teacher sent home a sheet saying that they are studying abstract expressionism for the next 13 weeks. Sounds good to me. Mazy wasn't bouncing off the walls excited when I picked him up, but he also wants to return next week, so that's a good sign. He and I toured the Art Center when class was over. The docents in every room were totally freaking me out. They kept lecturing Mazy anytime he got within 5 feet of any artwork. I told him at least 63 times not to touch anything, and he didn't. But I suppose that's their jobs. It reinforced my belief that we should NEVER, under any circumstances, take Bo within 100 feet of the place until he's at least 5...

Speaking of little monster boy, he was quite well-behaved this weekend. He spent Friday and Saturday morning at the farm. We picked him up around 3. He was giddy to see us, and the seven new dinosaurs Shawn and Mazy had bought. He's just so darn lovable when he's in a good mood. He was also good today. I think (knock on wood), he's improving. :)

Well, it's getting late and I need to get to sleep. Here's to a great week ahead for all of us!

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