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Thursday, August 5, 2010

School starts in less than 2 weeks!

I officially registered Mazy for kindergarten at the Downtown School today. It's going to be an interesting experience, that's for sure! His teacher will be Mr. Kerns -- I met him today and think Mazy and he will get along royally. He seems very kind, laid back and interesting. Mazy is really looking forward to having a male teacher.

His school starts a week earlier than other DSM public schools so he'll start on Wed., Aug. 18. I have the school supply list and his teacher's wish list for classroom supplies. I'm looking forward to our first school supply shopping trip!

I can't believe how many times my plans have changed this year! It's crazy. My dream is still to move us to the country, but I think that's going to take awhile. Then I was going to move us to the suburbs and get a new job. Now I need to work downtown so Mazy can go to school there. Too many choices! But now that Mazy is in this school, Bo will automatically get to attend. We're going to give it a year. I still want to move into a bigger house though.

In other news, my sister Heidi and her kids are coming to Iowa Saturday and will be here a week. There are lots of plans already! Swimming day at the farm on Sunday. Art reception at the State Fair next Tuesday night. Adventureland on Wednesday night. State Fair next Friday. Aunt Cindy from Mississippi is planning a trip to Iowa soon too. Can't wait to see her and Logan!

Our Friday Movie night is tomorrow. We don't have a movie picked out yet. Mazy has requested chili for supper. He was watching Shark Week and saw two scientists fill balloons with chili to lure some sharks to them. Weird. But it put him in the mood for chili... And it actually sounds pretty good to me as well!

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