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Friday, August 6, 2010

Antiques Roadshow!!

Here are the three things I'm taking, despite the fact that the limit is two items per person... I hope it doesn't get me kicked out. I'll just argue that they are all part of one collection. And therefore, I only have one item!

Our tickets are for the 3 p.m. group. I have read online that we will be standing in line for a long, long time. We're going to Hy-Vee Hall -- the big new convention center downtown. Heidi is now taking mom's ticket. So she's coming early so we can go to lunch downtown or in the East Village and then go wait in line. Heidi is taking a wooden picture frame she received as a wedding gift from an antique dealer and an item for my mom -- old-timey glass seltzer bottles, with their original wooden crate and the seltzer nozzle that she got at my great aunt and uncle's estate sale.

As for my quilts, I know little about them. My uncle Tobin gave them to me because I am the quilter of the family. He got them from his mom, Betty, who presumably got them from her mom, Helen. Helen, my great-grandmother, is from Kentucky originally. And that, unfortunately, is the extent of my knowledge. Two of the quilts are only quilt tops. The one with the flag square is a full quilt -- it has batting in the middle, a cloth backing and all three of those layers were stitched together or "quilted". A little quilting info. for those of you not familiar with it. I really want to learn how old these quilts are -- two of them are kind of silky fabrics that I'm not familiar with at all. All are quite beautiful and do not worry, I would not be tempted to sell a family heirloom!

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