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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another wrinkle in our plans

Well, today on my way home from work I got a phone call from the Des Moines Downtown School, telling me that they had a spot open for Mazy now. Well, I put Mazy on that waiting list when he was 6 months old. In April of this year, we received a letter saying that there were others on the list ahead of him and he had not been accepted.

The Downtown School is a DM public school. It has a very hands-on approach, multi-age classes and was created specifically for family's who have a parent working in downtown so they can easily attend classroom activities and events. It's also a year-round school, which is so weird, but kind of cool too.

So why the wrinkle? Well, I had just made up my mind that I needed to move us to the burbs and out of DM proper because our neighborhood school just wasn't cutting it for me. But now that Mazy is in this cool, progressive Downtown School -- I don't want to leave anymore!

Shawn and I were talking and decided we'd give it a year. We want to see if the Downtown School works for us and if Mazy likes it. Until then, we still are considering moving within DM to a slightly bigger house. Not sure where. I haven't looked at anything in DM because I didn't think we were staying. But we're hear for awhile longer at least.

Other than that, not much else happened today. We went out to eat with Shawn's parents tonight in Ankeny -- barbecue. Bo ate like he had a hollow leg. I'm not kidding. And he was in SUCH a GOOD mood! Seriously charming and sweet. Kissing his grandmother goodbye without being prompted. Eating every morsel his grandfather fed him and with much gusto and enthusiasm. Coloring his little dinosaur coloring book and shouting out all the colors. Dipping his grandma's lettuce salad into BBQ sauce and proclaiming it "yummy, mama!"

Tomorrow I have to go to the Downtown School and fill out the paperwork. I'll report back on what the school is like, as I've only driven by it. Friday is the start of the Hwy 141 Garage Sales -- we've gone the last two years and had a great time. Saturday is the Antiques Roadshow taping in Des Moines! Mom and I have tickets. I need to decide what to take... Each person can take two things.

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  1. Oh what??? Good schools are so hard to come by - but know you wanted to be OUT of DSM. I say give it a year. Will Bo be able to attend this school as well in a few years? Keep me posted