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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Trip to the Windy City

So I might have been a little negative yesterday -- I tend toward the melodramatic, especially when I'm writing on a rainy afternoon. Tonight I downloaded our trip photos and it made me realize how much fun we did have for most of the trip. So here are some of my favorite photos -- heavy on Mazy because, well, I do love him so and he is in a tie for coolest kid on the planet with his little brother Bo.

Wednesday, July 28 at 9 a.m.
Megabus Stop -- Walnut and 4th downtown DSM.

When you're on a double decker bus, the best seats (according to Mazy and Kael) are on the top deck, front row where there's a great view of the white lines and traffic.

Cousin Andy serving up some of Chicago's finest deep dish pizza. Isn't he handsome? And oh so personable and smart. And he works for public radio. We love you Andy!

Me and Mom at Millennium Park posing by "the bean" sculpture.

The world's most intact tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur fossil, Sue, named after the archaeologist who discovered her. Sue was the most anticipated attraction of the trip. She did not let us down.

Kael and Katy posing on the north patio of the Field Museum with downtown and the harbor behind them. We were on our way to the aquarium just down the campus.

Chicago dawgs from a street vendor. Yum!

Cosmos at Friends Sushi -- beautiful little outdoor patio not far from the hotel. Delicious!

A couple of the rolls we ordered. This was the time when Kael said, "No way!" Even with all of us cajoling him, he wouldn't even try one bite!

Mazy, on the other hand, dug right in. Now this boy knows how to eat sushi!

Can he do it in one bite?

Of course he can! Oh Mazy, you are the best! (Note: the name tag you see in the picture had my cell phone and mom's cell phone number in case he got lost. You just need a page of labels and a printer and you're in business. I made him wear them every day! I offered to let him hide them inside the shirt like Kael, but he liked them to show.)

Sword fighting lessons on The Windy sailing ship at the Navy Pier.

Children's Museum botanical garden
Is it just me, or does Kael ooze orneriness? :)

The long, long and disappointing wait for Saturday morning's Megabus. If you didn't read yesterday's post, it never showed.... Stupid Megabus. But we took the 5 p.m. bus that same day and all was well.

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