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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meatloaf and Mashed Taters

Meatloaf is cooking, taters are boiling, Shawn is unloading the dishwasher and the boys are watching a dinosaur movie. So it's a good time for an update.

It's been an incredibly hectic week at work -- everyone is going on vacation sometime in the next couple weeks so tons of projects are trying to be finished or are being rerouted to different desks. Mainly, my desk and Kim's desk.

I worked out today! 1.25 miles on the treadmill, and three rounds of weight-lifting, crunches and squats. It was a good workout, much like Monday's. I missed yesterday, but I'll work out tomorrow and Friday. It's such a nice break from the work day. It makes the afternoon fly by.

Oh jeez, World War 3 is breaking out at the couch over Legos. Back soon.

Disaster averted. We just needed my mini dinosaurs for the Lego boats.

There goes the timer -- I'll wrap this up quickly tonight. This weekend is also the Polk County Fair at the state fairgrounds. A coworker recently told me all about Polk County's 4-H program and I am so excited to sign Mazy up! Kindergartens and older can join the Clover Kids until they're old enough for 4-H. I think the boys will love it. I want to take them to the fairgrounds on Sunday to see the projects and any livestock that are left. It's free so what the heck! Definitely less crowded and crazy than the State Fair next month. Of course, that never stops us from going and having a fabulous time!

Note to my sister: START a BLOG!! Heidi is going to become a do-it-yourselfer interior design, well, she already is, but now she's really going to get into it by turning "junk" and out-of-date items around the house into fabulous new decor. And I told her she should start a blog with before and after pictures, prices of supplies, instructions and advice. It would be awesome!

Tonight's goals: Help Mazy with his DEVO poster that he's making for the concert. Wash a load or two of clothes. Pick up the living room... It's a disaster.

Shawn's hollering at me, gotta go.

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