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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Friday you can't come soon enough

It's been a hell of a week. Really nothing terribly exciting or daunting or difficult, just a LOT of projects at work. I burned through about six today at work, inherited at least four more and left untouched the two biggies that have been hogging my to-do list for a week... Tomorrow, right? That's what I keep telling myself.

Anyway, who cares about that. B-o-r-i-n-g.

I'll keep it short tonight. My new camera arrived! It's so pretty and awesome. I love it! The very first picture I took with it was Bo having a huge tantrum during dinner. Awww, the memories. It does really good close-ups so I am ultra excited about that. I love taking close-ups of the boys to capture their expressions and their feisty little spirits. The new camera is black. Mazy wishes it was gold.

Tonight -- due to my tiredness and Shawn's recovery from working and driving in un-airconditioned environments -- turned into a movie night. "Jurassic Park II". Tomorrow, on official family movie night we could watch "Land of the Dinosaurs" or head down the road to the boys' daycare where they are having a free showing of "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." It starts at sundown in the parking lot of the Baptist Church and there's free popcorn! I don't know, those things always sound good in theory but then never live up to your expectations. But we'll see. If Mazy is game and the weather is obliging, we might go.

Things are brewing on the job front. Not going to jinx it. But it would mean a new job in Des Moines. Yes, Des Moines. Not western Iowa. I am coming to the conclusion that scoring a primo job out there is going to be difficult and a long time in coming. My priority now is getting the boys into a better school district and into a bigger home. I'm not giving up on my dream. No siree, Bob. Just putting it on hold for a bit. But, if the job I have in mind works, then I'm going to try and get Shawn to agree to Johnston or Grimes for our next residence. So you see, technically I would be moving toward Western Iowa, if not directly into it!

Time to pick up the living room and dining room. Hurricane Lego strikes again.

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  1. Hey Keesia

    It's Friday!!!! Wonder if you're going to the movie tonight - in the parking lot - or home. Both sound good. Had a great time on the Cape, always such fun and wonderful host. Am excited for you in your new job search....what/when will you decide? I think a move even west a little would be a good choice. You might be able to find something just outside of the area. How are those sweet precious boys? Plan to make airline reservation soon - am so ready to come home to the farm for a few days. Love the blog - keep it up.