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Monday, July 19, 2010

Devo, Chicago and Summer Thunderstorms

We're in another rainy season here in Iowa. Gigantic storms blew through Saturday night and pretty big storms last night and the forecast shows thunder and lightning clouds through at least Thursday. Luckily, we have no outdoor plans until Saturday so rain away, Mother Nature. And then you better clear off for Saturday. I would like sunny skies, nice breeze and 78 degrees, please.

Saturday is DEVO at the Simon Estes Amphitheater downtown. Yahooooo! Oh I am soo excited for Mazy to attend his first ever rock concert. We spared no expense for this memorable event -- VIP tickets for a meet and greet with the band! I'm encouraging Mazy to draw a picture based on his favorite Devo song and then take it for the band to sign. Shawn is excited as well. He loves Devo and though he is not keen on the idea of an outdoor concert by the DSM River on a late July night, he's still very excited to see them. I am just excited to go to a concert! I've never really been to a big concert before. A few small concerts in Ames at bars, but that's about it. I worked backstage security for an Elton John/Billy Joel concert and had an AWESOME place on the stage to watch it, but that's been it. So it will be an exciting evening for all! Bo is going to the farm for a four-wheeler drive and he will be in hog heaven. Ha, literally. The farm is a very nice place for hogs to live -- they are raised in open air shelters so they breathe fresh air and feel the sunshine on their pointy little snouts every day.

Also in the works this week are final plans for Chicago next week! Cousin Andy emailed me tonight and had an awesome idea for our first night in town -- a free concert at Millennium Park. Mazy and Kael can run around and stretch their legs after the long bus ride and we can enjoy some free music, "Piano Romanticism and the Fairy's Kiss." Ha, I might keep the name from Kael. Something tells me an 8-year-old boy is not going think that sounds very exciting. But he needs some culturing up so this trip will be great.

A big shout out to Uncle T., Aunt Cindy, cousin Jordy and Uncle Bob who are spending a fabulous week together on the Cape. I wish I was there! Love the pictures you've been sending. Keep them coming!! We will all live vicariously through you!

Speaking of photos, I ordered my new camera this weekend. Another Canon PowerShot. A more advanced version than our last one. But the company has never sent me an email to confirm the order, which is weird. I need that camera by Saturday to capture the Devo concert!

One last story from the weekend - I wish you all could have joined us Saturday night at the farm. What a blast! It was Kael's 8th birthday party. Dad bought a huge new pool for the kids to swim in and Troy rented a huge bouncy castle for us to play in! The castle was in the shade and with the breeze that day it was really quite an enjoyable time. Crazy with all the people, but lots and lots of fun. Nice job, Troy and Keri.

Let's see, is that all for today? I think so. Have a great week everyone!

Today's photos: Cape Cod trip 2007, oh it was a glorious two weeks. A glorious, glorious, wonderful beyond belief. I love the Cape.

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