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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Amusement Park Friday!

I just finished three projects -- one for a friend, one for work and one for a future job prospect -- and I have three minutes to spare before it is officially Friday and the start of another three-day weekend.

Have I told you how much I am enjoying this summer! I've been taking so much time off -- it's great! Today (Thursday) is nephew Kael's 8th birthday. Tomorrow, Kael and my mom are coming to Des Moines around 10:30 or so and me, Bo and Mazy are going to the State Historical Building to explore in the morning and then eat an early lunch at the top of the building. We originally planned to eat on the patio at the top of the building, but I think mother nature has put an end to that idea. They wouldn't need to cook our food, they could just lay it on the bricks and watch it fry.

After that, Bo and I will return to our house for his nap. Meanwhile, Mom will take Mazy and Bo to Adventureland and we'll join them later. Aunt Jean and cousin Marla will join us at some point, as will Shawn when he is off work. It should be a great day!

Now I'm off to read for a few minutes before bedtime.

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