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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1st Place for Best Colorer!

And the trophy goes to Mazian Drake Wirt Hanson -- the best colorer in the coloring contest at the Yale 4th of July parade. Whoohooo! Go, Mazy, go!

Mom called and said she had a call tonight announcing that Mazy won a trophy for his 1st place win in the coloring contest two weekends ago. I was at the mall when she called so I was going to wait and surprise him with the news when we got the trophy this weekend. But as soon as I got home and saw him coloring a T-rex eating a stegosaurus picture, I just couldn't wait to tell him. He was very, very, very excited!!

To quote him: "When you told me, I just stood there like this (imagine Mazy with his mouth hanging open). I couldn't believe it was me! I've always wanted a trophy for being the best, Mama. I can't wait to take it to school and show my teachers! They're going to be so amazed!"

Mazy has been dreaming of winning a trophy and being called "the best" since he first learned what a trophy was. Someone brought a soccer trophy to school this spring and he talked about it FOREVER. He was quite jealous of it and really, really wanted to win one of his own. So I am just tickled pink for him!

I also looked up the art classes at the Art Center. They start again in the fall. I think I will sign him up for the Saturday morning classes. They're at 9:30 so it wouldn't interview with our weekend plans too much. I think he'd love learning how to use paints and other mediums to make his artwork. It's so exciting to watch a young artist!

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