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Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't tell anyone -- I'm writing this at work!

So I'm kind of bored and not motivated today. And I realized it's been a long time since I updated my blog. So I'm going to do it on the company dime and not even feel too guilty about it.

Quick recap of the weekend:

Saturday morning -- The boys and I met Aunt Jean, cousin Marla, my sis Heidi, her two kids and Mom at Big Creek State Park. We hung out at the beach for about three hours, letting the kids swim and play in the sand. It was a great day. Right up to the part when we had to leave.

Asking my children to leave an event, no matter how tired and hot and thirsty they are, is always a terrible experience. Mazy started whining and dragging his feet and claiming that he couldn't walk. But that was nothing compared to his brother, the demon child. He screamed bloody murder while thrashing about like a crazed monkey. I had to carry him across a huge grassy area filled with bemused picnickers all who were saying, "Jeez, glad that kid's not mine..." At one point, I had his legs under my right arm, he was hanging upside down, and I used my left hand as a pair of hand cuffs to stop him from hitting me. He knocked my glasses off twice. He scratched me on the cheek. And I am quite sure he would have head-butted me had I given him the chance. It then took the strength of me and Mom to hold him down long enough to get his seat belt on. Frankly, I think he might be possessed. As I am not friendly with any priests, I guess I will just wait for the demon 2-year-old to learn to control his temper and invest in some body armor....

Sunday -- Cleaned house in the morning. Went to Shawn's parents for lunch and stayed through supper. Oh yeah, our upright freezer died Saturday night -- while full of pork and beef from my parents. So good ol' Shawn went to his sister's house, borrowed their truck, went to Ankeny, shopped for a new freezer at Menard's, brought it home, unloaded the entire freezer from the truck, got it running, bought ice to keep the meat frozen until it was running and loaded the old freezer into the truck to take to the dump. We discovered the freezer was broken at 5:45 p.m. He did all of that before 9 p.m. I was impressed. When the man decides to do something, he really does it.

What's happening this week:
- I need to write a letter of recommendation for a friend tonight.
- Shawn and I are trying to get rid of some toys and furniture on Craig's List and will get those posted this week.
- I need to send thank-yous for Bo's birthday.
- I need to apply for THREE jobs or make contact with three potential employers.
- Research and order a new digital camera. Ours is dying.
- Find out about open enrollment for Mazy's kindergarten.
- Buy Kael's birthday present for the party on Saturday.

This is another four-day work week -- I'm getting so spoiled by these, I love it! Friday we're going to Adventureland with Mom, Kael, Jean and Marla. I hope the weather is decent. As long as it isn't 100 degrees or raining, or both, it will be great! Before Adventureland, we're taking Kael and the boys to the State Historical Building for lunch on the rooftop.

OK, I guess I should start working now. Have a great Monday!

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