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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Preparing for the Rutledge Flea Market

This Friday Shawn and I will be attending the Rutledge Flea Market -- Missouri's oldest and biggest outdoor flea market spanning an impressive 60 acres and boasting more than 1,000 vendors. It's also been called the dog and gun show, hillbilly heaven, and my favorite -- the greasiest flea market in the Midwest. (I might suggest a few new taglines for them while we're there...)

One of my clients -- actually the nicest client I've ever had while working at Integer -- suggested that we go. She said you can find everything from live chickens to antiques to farm equipment to tenderloin sandwiches. In short, it's going to be awesome!!

The plan is to drop Bo off at daycare around 7:30 a.m. and then embark on our 3-hour drive to Rutledge -- a tiny hamlet in northeastern Missouri. We'll have about 6 hours to wander around and check things out.

Here's what I'm looking for: 1950s kitchen stuff, anything turquoise, green or bright red. I want my dream kitchen on the acreage to be bright 50s colors with lots of cool vintage dishes, potholders, gadgets, glasses, etc. Hence, today's photo from Country Living. I love that aqua color with red. It's so bright and cheery and fun for a farmhouse. I'm also looking for cool cherry-themed kitchen items.

Shawn always has a long list of rare and unusual board games that he's on the lookout for. He often resells them or trades them to other enthusiasts. I hope he finds some. It makes him so happy to find a weird board game!

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  1. Love the kitchen! How fun your flea market sounds......I remember hearing the town of Rutledge when Dave and I were in Maryville at school. You 2 doing okay w/o Mazy???