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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Boating on Lake Colchester in Norwalk

Well, how much more fabulous can your day end than a 4-hour pontoon ride on a cute little lake just south of DSM called Lake Colchester. I loved it! One of my account teams (the Electrolux/Frigidaire team) decided to quit work at 3 and go do a little team bonding on the lake with many coolers of beer, booze and snacks. It was a gloriously blue day, nice breeze and low 80s. Is that perfect or what?

It's just a tiny little lake with maybe 100 houses around it. Farmlands surround it on the north. You can see the DSM Register's new print building to the east. We saw Airforce 1 fly into the DM airport -- VP Biden in town to get some positive press for Gov. Culver.

And I thought, hhhmm, Norwalk! It's always been on my list because my best pal Leslie lives there and I've thought about how much fun we would have raising our little monsters together. She has identical twin boys, about 6 months younger than Bo. They are very, very cute. Anyway, little lake Colchester just made me happy and gave me another community to consider. It's not Western Iowa though. But if we end up in DSM for a few more years, well then this might be the place to go.

Before signing off, a little cyber love to my Mazy. I miss you Mazy!!! This is too long for you to be away from Mama! I need a Mazy fix now! No one has asked me what my favorite extreme weather is all week! No one has asked me what I think is scarier -- swimming with a megalodon or running away from Tyrannosaurus Rex! And no one is here for me to read books with at night to see what Ramona Quimby is up to now. Well, Bo is here. And he and I have been reading a lot of Curious George books at night. And he is sweet and wonderful and I love him dearly. And I love my Mazy dearly and I can't wait to see you on Saturday!!!

P.S. Today's photo is a stock image from Google. But it was pretty and kept me in the boating spirit!

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