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Monday, June 7, 2010

Job prospect in ... DSM

Well, I told myself I was not going to lose sight of my dream and would give it 6 months to find a job in Western Iowa. Then tonight, a friend sent me a job at another ad agency that specializes in ag. They want someone with an ag background, someone who understands production agriculture, the food value chain, etc. You know, someone exactly like me...


I am totally qualified for this. It's not exactly what I want to do for a living, but if I shot them a dream salary and they went for it... Well, that would be pretty sweet. I sent an email to a friend who I think works there. It's another ad agency, which is kind of disheartening. But, if it meant making significantly more money for a few years so we could actually start saving some money while I continue to look for my dream job, well, it's tempting.

I'll see what my friend has to say about it. It's in Johnston. So presumably we could move there and get the boys into Johnston's ultra great school district for elementary school. They have an elementary school named after Henry Wallace -- my all-time favorite American!

I talked to Mazy today. Twice. I can't resist! He's having a fabulous time with his cousins in KC. Today he got to eat sushi at the food court, go to the library and get two books (one on dinosaurs and one on sea creatures), listen to a Cajun story teller who taught them how to do an alligator dance, get a gummy worm ice cream blizzard, AND get a new pair of flip-flops. He was bummed b/c the boy flip-flops don't come with jewels and sparkles. I don't blame him. It's not fair that only the girls get those sparkly shoes! I told Heidi to give him some glue and sequins and let him bedazzle his flip-flops! I miss you, Mazy. Enjoy your week! And Heidi, thank you for making it such a fun summer vacation for him!

Speaking of summer vacations, I booked our hotel and bus fare (yes, we're taking the bus.. I'm a bit scared) for our Chicago vacation at the end of July. Mom, Mazy and I are going. We're staying at the Wyndham Chicago on the Magnificent Mile. I can't wait!

Also, Bo is loving being an only child. It is very rare for him to be alone at the house with us. We're letting him play with almost all of Mazy's toys -- don't tell Mazy! As I suspected, he has very little interest in them when his brother is not here to yell at him for touching them. He's in such a sweet stage right now -- a total chatterbox! He loves Curious George, which he calls George Hat (George's friend is the man with the yellow hat). He is still getting into trouble every day at daycare though. His report always says: aggressive with friends. This is a very nice way of saying, "Bo kicked and scratched the hell out of everyone today throwing one of his colossal tantrums." The good ladies at the Baptist church cannot say anything bad about him. But he really is a little terror when he's mad. Oh and I love that ornery little boy!

Well, Shawn wants on the computer. Until tomorrow.

Today's left photo is from Cousin Camp 2010 that was held last Saturday at the farm. Here Kael (my nephew), Mazy and Theron (my niece in KC) were posing in front of the log cabin at the Panora Historical Village. What a great day! Today's right photo is Bo at the Blank Park Zoo last Friday. It was his first trip.

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