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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh Wednesday, you were not kind

Bo and "Big Guy" at the Sculptural Garden. Bo always walks like he's on a mission. Confident, sure of himself and not easily deterred from his goal destination.

Today was madness at work. It was just one of those days when 100 things were due and there was no time to do them. I won't bore you with details. Kim, if you're reading, way to hang in there, girl. She's one of my coworkers, and well, her job sucks. There's no other way to describe it. Sorry, Kim.

Anyway, after work I picked up Mazy from his playdate at his friend Evan's house, and then we picked up Bobo from daycare, and then we met Mom for supper at The Bass Pro Shop restaurant. I can't remember the name of it, but the boys love the fish motif. Mazy the super negotiator somehow talked my mom into buying him a present... He came home with a four-foot great white shark pillow. He spent most of the night wrestling with it, attacking us with it and pretending it was cousins with the great white shark pictured on his tshirt. Bo picked out a four-wheeler toy with a little man and a chainsaw or his present.

I am looking forward to a day off tomorrow with the boys to officially celebrate Bo's 2nd birthday. Hooray! None of his presents are wrapped yet. I haven't baked the cupcakes. The new wading pool hasn't been blown up and filled with water yet. Sigh. Right now I'm saying it will all get done tomorrow during their nap time...

Quick job update: Well, I am moving forward with the job I really didn't want to move forward with. Had a phone interview today with their recruiter. The VP wants lunch with me on Friday. Good money. But it's Johnston, Iowa, not exactly the western Iowa job I dreamed of. I want to meet the VP and hear more about the position. They're after my writing skills and ag background, but said the job is about 20 percent travel with a client based in Indianapolis. Strangely, I had a client based in Indianapolis last year and got to know the city quite well. I like it.

It's time to end this day. More tomorrow after birthday fun.

"Bo"cabulary word of the day: George Hat (proper noun) Context: "Mama, read George Hat! George Hat!" Translation: Mother dear, please be so kind as to read me a Curious George book. I love Curious George and his friend, the man with the yellow hat."

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