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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bo!!

Me and Bo at his 1st birthday!

Change of plans. Bo slept in this morning. So late that I didn't have the heart to wake him up for his 8:20 checkup. Besides, what kind of a birthday begins with shots at the doctor's office. What was I thinking!

I rescheduled it for next Tuesday instead. Hopefully Shawn can take him b/c I have a dr. appt. Monday morning and Mazy and I have the dentist Wed. morning! My boss will get VERY suspicious if I take that many doctor's appts. in one week.

My interview is set for tomorrow at noon. I need to take writing samples. I think I'll just go into Integer tonight and get everything collected. I don't want to wait until tomorrow morning to find it on our servers and print it. Plus, my suit is hanging in my "office" from the last time I interviewed -- about 2 years ago! It's in a little locker-thing that we all have. Anyway, I need to bring that home and make sure it's clean and ready as well.

And now back to Bo's birthday. The most important event of the week! We're going to leave the house in about 30 minutes and road trip to Pella to play in the prairie, have lunch in the town square and check out their big playground. It's a beautiful day in Iowa!

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