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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Great Waffler

Oh man. I did it again. I said yes to the interview on Wednesday. I talked to my friend who works at that agency on Thursday night. She warned me about the neurotic, passive aggressive women I would be working with. I decided not to do the interview. Then I called a friend and talked it over with her. She advised me to proceed with the interview just for practice. I waffled again, and decided to do the interview. I woke up early today, and thought, "God I really don't want to work there or do that for a living." So I waffled AGAIN. Jeez, I am pathetic sometimes.

In the end, I emailed the recruiter and respectfully declined the interview on grounds of insanity. Just kidding. I actually told her the truth and said I didn't like account service work at all. And that I had made a decision this year to get out of the agency biz and move our family to a smaller community. Thank you for the offer, and my apologies for any inconvenience, but no thanks.

She wouldn't take no for an answer. She emailed me back and said they could change the job to match my interests. Just go and do the interview. Then she emailed me an hour later and asked if I would consider moving to western Wisconsin for an ag writing job at her office! All I can say is that these recruiters are desperate for ag people.

I haven't emailed her back. As much as I like Wisconsin, I have no intentions of moving there anytime soon. I am again waffling on my decision to do the interview. Perhaps I will go through with it after all. Like my friend said, it's good practice. Right?

It is hard to be a waffler.

In other news, we took the boys for much-needed haircuts this evening. Nothing radical, just a good trim for both to help weather the humid summer that is now here. They were both exhausted. I think they have a touch of a cold and it's making them tired. Mazy was unusually quiet all evening. I asked him how his day went and he said he doesn't have any friends at daycare. I told him it was because the other kids are jealous of him because he is the coolest, smartest and most awesomest kid in the class. He asked me how I knew that. I said, "I've been observing them carefully for months." Shawn said: "This is not the way to handle it." I typically talk to Mazy about getting along and not caring what others think. But tonight he needed some love from his No. 1 fan -- me!

Bobo's daily report said, "VERY GOOD!" You see, it's so surprising when he behaves all day that they get very excited about it. I can't blame them really. He can be a terror. But ohhh when he is good, he's so very, very sweet.

"Bo"cabulary word of the day: Zee-zaw (noun) definition: zebra
Bo loves zebras. And elephants. And of course, monkeys. Unfortunately, he is lukewarm on the giant Curious George stuffed animal we bought him for his birthday. But he still loves his big furry dog that Grandma Katy bought him "pup-pup".

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