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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Naked swimming!

Someday I'm going to have a kick-ass pond swimming pool like this on my acreage. For now, we settle for a blow-up kiddie pool in the backyard.

No, it was not me. The neighbors would have had me arrested by now. Bo and Mazy enjoyed one of life's most basic and primitive activities -- naked swimming in the great outdoors.

It was an impromptu evening activity. The heat of the day had finally broken. Shawn was mowing the front lawn. I tested the water in Bo's new wading pool and found it was irresistibly warm compared to this morning when they filled it and tried to swim in it. Bo jumped in with his regular diaper on. Soon it had ballooned to about six times it's normal size so I asked him if he wanted me to take it off. I was just going to let him go commando in his swim trunks, but he took off like a streak of lightning the moment that diaper was free.

He was shrieking with delight and Mazy started laughing at him. Then he asked if he could be a naked swimmer too. I said, "Sure! Strip down and have fun!" See, we are a family who needs to be in the country, without close neighbors. :)

They were having so much fun. They'd race each other to the pool and dive in to see who could make the biggest splash. Then out they scrambled and ran across the grass again to the back steps and started the race all over again. I finally had to get the camera and take a couple shots of those cute little bare bottoms running toward the pool. Don't worry, there was no frontal nudity. Just baby butt crack, as Mazy likes to call it.

I just made the calico beans for tomorrow's party. I still have the coleslaw dressing to make, and to round up all the supplies. Having a party at the park is nice b/c you don't have to clean your house a lot and find room for all those people, but it's also a lot of work to figure out how to throw a party in a shelter house with no running water or bathrooms nearby... And with lots of kids... It will be interesting.

Well, I'm working on a fun writing project tonight and I'm giving myself an hour to work before I make the coleslaw and pack up everything. Wish us luck for Bo's 2nd birthday party tomorrow!

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