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Monday, June 28, 2010

Beautiful Day for a Birthday!

I was so tired after Bo's birthday yesterday -- sorry I didn't write about it sooner. It was a perfect day at Union Park -- the shelter house turned out to be very nice. There was a beautiful breeze blowing through the windows and doors. It was sunny, but not too humid. And best of all, Bo was in a great mood!!

We had about 45 people attend. Bo made out like a bandit on his presents -- Thomas the Train tracks and engines, finger paints, markers, a battery-powered bubble gun, a Diego trike, a really cool Toy Story racing set, a Toy Story child's chair, a Toy Story rocket blastoff sprinkler (are you sensing there's a lot of Toy Story merchandise out right now!), a Fisher Price farm, GI Joe guys, six new outfits, etc. Needless to say, Big Brother Mazy was quite happy to show Bo how to play with all of it.

We had plenty of food, and the food was delicious! A vanilla cake with a really cool circus train that Shawn found on Ebay. My friends Leslie and John brought their adorable boys, who I haven't seen in months! Bo has never met them, but they will one day be good friends. Whether they want to be or not! The twins are just six months younger than him and once they get to know each other, I know they'll hit it off. So it was a great party. Thank you to all who helped and came to celebrate with us!

Let's see, what else is happening. Well, I canceled on that job interview and haven't looked back. It wasn't for me. I don't want to market animal drugs. Ugh. So back to my great western Iowa job hunt!

It's a beautiful week in Iowa -- cool, sunny and nice breezes. Lots in store for the weekend already -- Thursday night is Yankee Doodle Pops at the Iowa Capitol. Can't wait for it! The Symphony plays, you take a picnic supper, blankets, lawn chairs, friends, pick a comfy spot and hang out for the night. It is Iowa's single largest event, drawing 120,000 people last year! Beautiful fireworks at the end. Mazy and I attended last year and we had so much fun. This year Mom is joining us, and maybe Aunt Sherie and the kids. Bo will be old enough next year to go, but it lasts until about 11 so I don't think he can do it this year. Shawn offered to stay home with him. OK, back to my writing project. See you tomorrow!

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