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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2nd Birthday Madness

Today is the day I am getting a handle on all the details for Bo's birthday. I sent out emails to all the guests (sorry if you were not invited, we just have a LOT of family members and the guest list grows rapidly!) to find out who's coming and how many we'll serve.

Right now: 25 yes. 23 unknown. I have the menu planned. Shawn is ordering the cake tomorrow. Mom and I are picking up all the decorations and stuff tomorrow after work. Friday I'll get groceries. Saturday I'll cook and prepare the house for possible guests. Sunday will be the party -- rain or shine. It's at a local park, in a shelter house. We'll have fans if it's beastly hot, which it likely will be...

Also today, I emailed that DSM agency I sent my resume to last week. I haven't heard from them and want to make sure they received it. They probably did. And I probably offered too high of a salary range, but I would like a response so I know whether to cross them off my potentials list.

"Bo"cabulary word of the day: guy (noun), meaning: any man in Bo's life whose name he doesn't bother to learn, which is pretty much everyone, sometimes including Shawn. (Which kind of cracks me up.) "Bye bye, Guy!" "Hey guy, hey." "Biiggggg Guy. Hi Biggggg Guy" -- this was his response to the large ABC man sculpture at the sculpture garden on Saturday night. He was leery of this guy and would not go near him. But from a distance he would wave to him and say hello and goodbye. His manners are improving.

Today's photo: The Big Cheese and a little mouse. Bo's Halloween costume last year -- we made it, and it was so fun! He was so cute in those big gray mouse ears. And of course, any opportunity to wear his CheeseHead is a good day for Shawn.

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