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Monday, June 21, 2010

Flat-tire Monday

Jeez, is there anything worse than beginning the work week by discovering your tire is flat. Pancake flat. Not-going-anywhere flat.

Luckily, Shawn to the rescue. He offered to take the tire off, haul it to Nevada, get it patched and bring it home with him tonight. All I had to do was drive his car to daycare to drop off the boys while he did his Mr. Fix It job. Then he'd drive me to work.

Well, sounds simple, but it wasn't. Bo was mad and did NOT want in his car seat. After hitting me in the face four or five times, I got mad and said a word I shouldn't have said. Mazy then proceeded to tell me how I should not say that word, and that only pirates can use naughty words because they don't care about the law.

I then proceeded to back out of the garage, but not before turning too sharply and hitting the side of the garage, tearing off the trim, chipping the door frame and scratching the car. Arrghhh! That really helped my mood. And yes, there were more expletives. Mazy knew better than to say anything. Kids can sense it. "Red alert, red alert, mama is about to freak out!"

I took a deep breath backed down the driveway, went to daycare and returned home to begin the day again.

It went much better from then on. I'm now at work, waiting for Shawn and the boys to pick me up so we can go home or maybe to the grocery store for supper and shopping. It depends on Bobo's mood. OK, I am finally going to publicly admit it: the boy has my temper. Actually, he has my temper from when I was younger and didn't control it better. It flares occasionally these days, like this morning, but not often. So I know my sweet, beautiful Bo will one day grow out of his rages and short temper as well.

Monday health update: I worked out four days last week. Ate very healthy during the work week. Not so great on the weekend, but not terrible. Results: down three pounds!

Also, since this is Bo's birthday week, all pictures this week will be a tribute to him. Beautiful, curious, hot-headed, energetic, athletic, double-dimpled Bourne Sutton Wirt Hanson! I love you, Buddy!

"Bo"cabulary word of the day: cheenchi, noun. In Bo language it means blanket, sheet or comforter. He loves to have a cheenchi when we read books together. He loves to steal Mazy's cheenchis every morning when he gets up and is allowed to terrorize his brother. We love bocabulary words!

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